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An Awesome Way To Get Netflix in Australia
If you live in Australia and spend any amount of time on the internet you have probably heard of Netflix and as a result probably want it. And you can't get it. Because Netflix isn't available in Australia. Typical!

There is a way though.

Oh yes... there is a way!

If you head over to this how to get Netflix in Australia guide you can learn everything you need to know to gain access to the sweet joys of Netflix. It only takes 5 minutes and doesn't require any technical know-how... in fact I was amazed at how easy it is!

The whole process uses this thing called "DNS redirection" - it essentially makes you internet connection look like it's based in the USA instead of Australia right at the moment it's talking to the Netflix server. It is really ingenious stuff and it works a treat. The service is called Unblock-Us so check the site out.

The how to guide I linked to above tells you how to set it all up on your computer and also how to access it on your Playstation 3 and Xbox and all sorts of other enjoyable things like that.

I've had this set up at home for months now and it works an absolute treat. So many enjoyable shows - the only problem is finding enough hours in the day to watch everything!

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